The Programa Interuniversitário de Doutoramento em História: mudança e continuidade num mundo global (PIUDHist) is the result of a partnership between five Portuguese higher education institutes: Instituto de Ciências Sociais and Faculdade de Letras (both from Universidade de Lisboa), Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Universidade de Évora.

In Portugal, PIUDHist is the first doctoral programme in History that is completely based on a interuniversity partnership. The institutes involved share there lecturing resources, installations, international network, bibliographic resources, information and more, which allows for the offer of a true joint doctoral programme.

Through agreements with foreign universities, the programme guarantees a regular presence of renowned historians, stimulates the enrolments or temporary internships of students from any country of the world, promotes the mobility of doctorate students and their training in an international context.

Admitted students will also be invited, from the first year, to participate in research projects developed in the laboratories and investigation centres of the partner institutes (ICS-ULisboa, CH-ULisboa, CEHC-IUL, CEHR-UCP, CIDEHUS-UÉ).

With an innovative curricular organization, the programme includes four defined fields of specialization following a thematic criterion – social dynamics and political structures; institutions and economic development; empires, colonialism and post-colonialism; intellectual and sociocultural movements – definitively going beyond the traditional organization of PhDs in History in specializations bound to chronological periods. This favours a transversal and comparative training, articulated around medium and long-term approaches, which enhances the scientific quality of training and research.